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Clay / Model DoughUp one level

Play Dough / Accessories - view all

  • Wing N Thing Tub of 6 Birds
  • Finger Soft Playdough (4 Colours per Tub) 900g
  • Large Smooth Wooden Rolling Pin
  • Scrapers Set of 4 (15cm X 7cm)
  • Plastic Dough/Cookie Cutters Lower Case A-Z (26)

Clay / Mats / Accessories - view all

  • Cutting Wire for Clay
  • New Clay 12.5kg Grey
  • Wire Ended Clay Tool Set of 10
  • Scola Clay Air Drying Clay 12.5kg Terracotta
  • Wooden Clay Knives Set of 10

Plasticine - view all

  • Newplast 500g Bar (Plasticene) White
  • Newplast 500g Bar (Plasticene) Black
  • Newplast 500g Bar (Plasticene) Pink
  • Newplast 500g Bar (Plasticene) Orange
  • Newplast 500g Bar (Plasticene) Yellow

Sand - view all

  • Modelling Sand 5kg (Kinectic Sand)

Casting Powder / Modroc / Moulds - view all

  • Mod Rock 2.7mts X 50mm White
  • Mod Rock 150mm X 2.75mts Single Roll
  • Scola Casting Powder 3Kg Bag

Air Dough - view all

  • Air Dough White 1.25kg Bucket
  • Air Dough 200g Pot Purple
  • Air Dough 200g Pot Yellow
  • Air Dough 200g Pot Brown
  • Air Dough 200g Pot Blue
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