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H up to 1200mm - view all

  • First 730mm Bookcase 1 Shelf Oak KF839201
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x730mm Maple KF811343
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x1600mm Dark Walnut KF810506
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x730mm Dark Walnut KF811329
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x730mm White KF811367

H over 1200mm - view all

  • First 1800mm Bookcase White KF839212
  • Serrion Large Bookcase 740x340x1750mm Bavarian Beech KF73514
  • First 1800mm Bookcase 4 Shelf Oak KF839202
  • First 1800mm Bookcase 4 Shelf Beech KF839199
  • First 2000mm Bookcase 4 Shelf Beech KF839200

Fitments - view all

  • Jemini Trapezoidal Multipurpose Table 1600x800x730mm White KF79036

Other - view all

  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x726mm Bavarian Beech KF90588
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x800mm White KF822073
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x1200mm White KF822103
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x2000mm Bavarian Beech KF822141
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x1600mm White KF822134

Unspecified - view all

  • Serrion Bookcase 740x340x1750mm White KF79831
  • Serrion Bookcase 740x340x1200mm White KF79830
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