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Tables - view all

  • Yellow Infant Desk 55cm YID2001
  • Adjustable Horseshoe Table (RED) Plus 6 Chairs
  • Red Table Rectangular 120cm x 60cm x 52cm Poly
  • 40cm Birch Round Table Plus 6x29cm Chairs

Chairs - view all

  • Blue Junior Chair  BC40208
  • Kite Ease Moulded Plastic Chair 30cm Yellow
  • Kite Ease Moulded Plastic Chair 30cm RED
  • Yellow Infant Chair YIC2000    PC1B

Paint Drying Rack - view all

  • Small Mobile Drying Rack 40 Shelves
  • 20 Shelf Wall Mounted Drying Rack
  • Large Mobile Drying Rack 62x50.5x108cm A2

Bean Bags - view all

  • Elephant Bean Bag JuniorQuiltedGold 14000x1100mm
  • Elephant Bean Bag JuniorShockingPink 1400x1100mm
  • Elephant Bean BagsJuniorQuiltedBlack1400x1100mm
  • Elephant Bean Bag JUMBO Quilted Grey 175 x 135cm
  • Elephant Bean Bags Junior Belle 1400x1100mm

Misc Furniture / Equipment - view all

  • Town & Country Road Carpet 100x100cm
  • Rainbow ABC Circular Carpet 2x2m Diam. 200m
  • Donut Seating Trolley & 12 Floor Cushions
  • PE Storage Trolley 126x45x86cm
  • Story Cushions Set of 10 Cushions 50x50x50
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