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Oil - view all

  • Igenix 600W Oil Filled Radiator White Ref IG0500
  • Igenix 2kW Digital Oil Filled Radiator White Ref IG2610
  • Igenix 2kW Oil Filled Radiator White Ref IG2600
  • 1.5kw Oil-Filled Radiator White (Overheating safety cut off protection) CRHOFSL7/H 42690
  • 500W Six Fin Baby Oil-Filled Radiator White CRHOF320/H

Fan - view all

  • Igenix 2kW Upright Oscillating Fan Heater White Ref IG9021
  • Igenix 1.5kW Oil Filled Radiator White Ref IG1650
  • Igenix 2kW Upright Fan Heater Whiite Ref IG9020
  • Igenix 2kw Upright Fan Heater White Ig9020
  • 1.5kw Oil Filled Radiator with Timer CR15T

Unspecified - view all

  • Halogen 1200W Heater (3 Halogen Heat Bars and 3 Heat Settings) CRHH120/H
  • 2kW Convector Heater White CRH6139C/H
  • Convector Heater 2kW Timer Control HC2TIM
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