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Shaped - view all

  • Arista Rectangular Maple Meeting Table
  • Arista Trapezoidal Oak Meeting Table
  • Arista Semi Circular Maple Meeting Table
  • Arista Semi Circular Oak Meeting Table
  • Arista Trapezoidal Meeting Table Maple

Folding - view all

  • Jemini White 1200mm Folding Round Table KF72331
  • Arista Semi-Circular Folding Meeting Table Maple
  • Arista Rectangular Folding Oak Meeting Table
  • Arista Semi-Circular Folding Oak Meeting Table
  • Arista Rectangular Folding Meeting Table Maple

Reception - view all

  • Jemini Maple D1200 Modular Straight Reception Hutch KF78973
  • Avior Beech 635x635x460mm Square Table KF03531
  • Jemini Maple Radial Reception Hutch Unit (Dimensions: W800 x D300 x H405mm) KF78975
  • Arista Blue Modular Reception Coffee Table KF03491
  • Jemini Maple D800 Modular Straight Reception Hutch KF78972

Boardroom - view all

  • Jemini Grey Oak 1800mm Boardroom Table KF840199
  • Jemini White 1800mm Boardroom Table KF840189
  • Jemini 2400mm Meeting Table Grey Oak KF840160
  • Arista Maple 2400mm Boardroom Table KF838285
  • Jemini Maple 1200mm Circular Meeting Table KF840183

Office - view all

  • Serrion Rectangular Table 1200mm Bavarian Beech KF79847
  • Serrion Trapezoidal Table 1500mm Ferrera Oak KF79842
  • Serrion Square Table 750mm Bavarian Beech KF79844
  • Serrion Rectangular Table 1800mm Bavarian Beech KF79853
  • Serrion Square Table 750mm White KF79846

Unspecified - view all

  • Jemini White 1800x800mm Rectangular Meeting Table KF840187
  • First Oak 1200mm Diameter Round Meeting Table with Dart Meeting Chairs
  • Jemini Grey Oak 1600x800mm Rectangular Meeting Table KF840196
  • Jemini Maple 1600x800mm Rectangular Meeting Table KF840181
  • Jemini Walnut 1800x800mm Rectangular Meeting Table KF840192
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