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Cupboards/LockersUp one level

Cupboards H up to 1200mm - view all

  • Jemini 700 Wooden Cupboard 450mm Depth White/Dark Walnut KF811282
  • Jemini 700 Wooden Cupboard 450mm Depth Grey Oak KF811237
  • Jemini 2000 Wooden Cupboard 450mm Depth White/Grey Oak KF811121
  • FF First Wooden Storage Cupboard 1000mm Beech WDS1045CPBE
  • &Trexus S.O.T 1000 Slvr/Bch inc1shlf

Cupboards H over 1200mm - view all

  • First 1800mm Cupboard 4 Shelf Oak KF839208
  • Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinet 72x36x18 inch c/w 3 Shelf Yellow 188736
  • &Trexus Stationery Cboard 3 shelf Wht
  • Bisley 2 Door 1570mm Cupboard Empty Black (Dimensions: W914 x D470 x H1570mm) KF78714
  • Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinet 72x48x18 inch C/W 3 Shelf Yellow 188733

Fitments - view all

  • Bisley Lateral Filing Frame Black BURGY
  • Bisley Rollout Suspension Filing Frame Black ROSFF-45
  • Bisley Shelf Standard Black (Designed for Bisley Tambour Units and Cupboards) BBS/P1
  • Talos Tambour Black Shelf - designed for use with Talos side opening tambour cupboards TCS-TAM-SHELF
  • #Trexus Cupboard Extra Shelf Blk E198P1

Lockers - view all

  • Three Compartment Locker D450mm Red Door (Dimensions: H1800 x W300 x D450mm) MC00053
  • Four Compartment Express Standard Locker D450mm Light Grey Door MC00161
  • Two Compartment Locker D300mm Dark Grey Door MC00009
  • Single Compartment Locker D300mm Red Door (Dimensions: H1800 x D300 x W300mm) MC00005
  • Express Standard Locker 2 Door W300xD300xH1800mm Light Grey/Blue MC00139

Other - view all

  • Bisley 10 Drawer Cabinet Azure Blue BY78740
  • Bisley 15 Drawer Cabinet Canary Yellow BY78745
  • Bisley 10 Drawer Cabinet Canary Yellow BY78744
  • Bisley 10 Drawer Cabinet Mandarin BY78746
  • Bisley 15 Drawer Cabinet Mandarin BY78747

Unspecified - view all

  • &Trexus Low BookCase 800x400x800 Bch
  • Jemini Side Opening Tambour Cupboard Desk High Nova Oak KF818535
  • Metal Bin Cupboard With 30 Polypropylene Bins Dark Grey Black 371834
  • Jemini Side Opening Tambour Cupboard Desk High White KF818542
  • &Trexus V High Cupboard 800x400x2000 Oak
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