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Cupboards/LockersUp one level

Cupboards H up to 1200mm - view all

  • Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x730mm White/Maple KF811305
  • Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm Grey Oak KF811060
  • Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1600mm White/Beech KF810452
  • Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1800mm White/Dark Walnut KF810711
  • First Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm Beech KF820994

Cupboards H over 1200mm - view all

  • Bisley 2 Door Cupboard Empty 935x480x1575mm Goose Grey KF78712
  • Talos Double Door Stationery Cupboard 920x420x1950mm White KF78757
  • First 2000mm Cupboard 4 Shelf Oak KF839209
  • Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinet 72x36x18 inch c/w 3 Shelf Yellow 188736
  • Bisley 2 Door Cupboard Empty 924x410x1970mm Chalk White KF78716

Fitments - view all

  • Bisley Slotted Shelf 914x390x27mm Black For Bisley Cupboards and Tambour Units BSSGY
  • Talos Shelf Fitment 930x370x35mm Black For Talos Stationery Cupboards KF78775
  • Bisley Lateral Filing Frame 920x70x30mm Black BURGY
  • Bisley Shelf Divider Plastic 405x180x85mm Clear (Pack of 5) BSDP5
  • Bisley Rollout Drawer 920x440x110mm Black RODWR4-45

Lockers - view all

  • One Compartment Cube Locker 300x300x300mm Red Door MC00089
  • Four Compartment Express Standard Locker 300x300x1800mm Red Door MC00147
  • One Compartment Cube Locker 300x300x300mm Green Door MC00088
  • One Compartment Cube Locker 300x300x300mm Dark Grey Door MC00087
  • One Compartment Cube Locker 380x380x380mm Light Grey Door MC00092

Other - view all

  • Bisley 10 Multidrawer Cabinet 279x380x590mm Canary Yellow BY78744
  • Serrion Premium Cupboard 750x400x2000mm Bavarian Beech KF822264
  • Avior Executive Cupboard 1005x404x800mm Dark Walnut KF821960
  • Serrion Premium Cupboard 750x400x800mm Bavarian Beech KF822172
  • Jemini Cupboard 800x450x800mm White/Beech KF822684

Unspecified - view all

  • Metal Bin Cupboard With 30 Polypropylene Bins Dark Grey Black 371834
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