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High Back - view all

  • Jemini Intro Posture Chair Green KF90585
  • Arista Lexi High Back Chairs with Headrest KF72245
  • Jemini Sheaf High Back Operator Chairs KF50174
  • Arista Lotus Mesh High Back Chair With Headrest Black KF90681
  • Jemini Teme High Back Operator Chair Black  KF90536

Medium Back - view all

  • Arista Bolt Leather Look and Mesh Chair KF73591
  • Jemini Teme Mid Back Single Lever Chair Fixed Arms Black KF822738
  • Jemini Medium Back Task Chair Arms Black (Pack of 2) KF73604
  • Jemini Teme Mid Back Single Lever Chair Adjustable Arms Royal Blue KF822769
  • Jemini Sheaf Medium Back Operator Chairs (Adjustable back position for ergonomic use) KF50170

Low Back - view all

  • Jemini Low Back Operator Mesh Chair Black KF79885

With Arms - view all

  • Arista Black Ergo Maxi Chairs (Suitable for up to 8 hours) KF78699
  • First One Task Mesh Chair With Arms Black KF90883
  • Jemini Intro Posture Chair with Arms Black KF822592
  • Arista Blue Ergo Maxi Chairs (Suitable for up to 8 hours) KF78700
  • Jemini One Task Mesh Chair with Fixed Arms Black KF90000

Without Arms - view all

  • Jemini Draughtsman Chair Black KF017052
  • Jemini High Stool with Back Rest Blue KF03310

Draughtsman - view all

  • Arista Draughtsman Chair Adjustable Footrest Blue KF815147
  • Arista Draughtsman Chair Fixed Footrest Blue KF017021
  • Arista Draughtsman Chair Claret KF017041
  • Jemini Medium Back Draughtsman Chair Charcoal KF838253
  • Jemini Medium Back Draughtsman Chair Claret KF838254

Industrial - view all

  • Jemini Factory Chair Polyurethane Black KF00197

Other - view all

  • Jemini Height Adjust Sit Stand Sway Wobble Stool Black/Grey KF79444
  • First Racer Gaming Chair Grey/Black  KF90885
  • Jemini Summit Meeting Chair Charcoal KF90507
  • Jemini Reception Wire Frame Armchair Navy KF90478
  • Arista Ergonomic Maxi Chair Black  KF90551

Unspecified - view all

  • Jemini Chad Heavy Duty Leather Chair Black KF90923
  • FF First PU Leather Manager Chair KF90273
  • Arista Medway Mesh High Back Operators Chairs KF74197
  • First High Back Operators Chair Charcoal with Adjustable Arms KF839244
  • FF First Medway Mesh High Back Operator Chair Blue KF90270
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