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High Back - view all

  • Arista Lexi High Back Chairs with Headrest H-9056-L1
  • Avior Logan High Back Mesh Operator Chairs (Adjustable seat and height adjustment) 09HD05
  • Arista Aire High Back Maxi Operator Chairs KF03465
  • Jemini Sheaf High Back Operator Chairs CH0S02CL
  • Trexus 3 Lever High Back Asynchronous Chair Blue 480x450x490-590mm Ref OP000032

Medium Back - view all

  • Jemini Chadburn High Back Task Chair KF74825
  • Jemini Sheaf Medium Back Operator Chairs (Adjustable back position for ergonomic use) CH0S13RB
  • Jemini Sheaf Medium Back Operator Chairs (Adjustable back position for ergonomic use) CH0S13CH
  • Arista Darrall Mesh Task Chairs KF78697
  • Jemini Medium Back Task Chair Arms Black (Pack of 2) KF73604

Low Back - view all

  • Jemini Low Back Operator Mesh Chair Black KF79885

With Arms - view all

  • Trexus Mesh Back Armchair Black 500x480x450-550mm Ref 10892-02
  • Trexus All Mesh Armchair Black 500x480x450-550mm Ref 11135-02
  • Trexus Amaze Synchronous Head Rest Mesh Chair Black 520x520x470-600mm Ref 11186-01Black
  • Cappela Blue Ergo Maxi Chairs (Suitable for up to 8 hours)KF78700
  • Jemini One Task Mesh Chair with Headrest and Arms Black CH3310BK

Without Arms - view all

  • Trexus Kneeling Chair Black 430x330x480-620mm Ref OP000072
  • Trexus Intro Typist Chair Charcoal 410x390x405-520mm Ref 10001-03Charcoal
  • Jemini Draughtsman Chair Black KF017052
  • Jemini High Stool with Back Rest Blue PS4044
  • Trexus Kneeling Chair Blue 430x330x480-620mm Ref OP000071

Draughtsman - view all

  • Arista Draughtsman Chair Adjustable Footrest Blue KF815147
  • Jemini Medium Back Draughtsman Chair Claret KF838254
  • Jemini Medium Back Draughtsman Chair Blue KF838252
  • Arista Claret Adjustable Draughtsman Chair KF815149
  • Arista Draughtsman Chair Fixed Footrest Blue KF017021

Industrial - view all

  • Jemini Factory Chair Polyurethane Black KF00197

Other - view all

  • Jemini Height Adjustable Sit Stand Wobble Stool Black/Grey KF79444
  • Jemini Kneeling Chair Black (Seat Dimensions: W420 x D260mm) KF78705
  • Jemini Height Adjustable Sit Stand Wobble Stool Black/Blue KF79443
  • Jemini Height Adjustable Sit Stand Wobble Stool Black/Black KF79440
  • Jemini Kneeling Chair Blue (Seat Dimensions: W420 x D260mm) KF78704

Unspecified - view all

  • Sonix Chiro Plus High Back Head Rest Posture Chair Black 495x520-560x470-540mm Ref PO000002
  • First High Back Operators Chair Blue with Fixed Arms KF839243
  • Trexus Luna Fold Back And Height Adjusting Black Arm Ref BR000081
  • Trexus Eclipse II Lever Task Operator Chair Mesh Back Seat Charcoal Ref KC0170
  • Trexus Flex Task Operator Chair With Arms And Headrest Blk Fabric Seat Green Back White Frame Ref KC0090
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