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High Back - view all

  • Trexus S7A Leather Look Executive Chair Black 490x430x480-560mm Ref 11183-01
  • Trexus County Leather Manager Chair 520x480x420-530mm Ref 517083
  • Jemini Jack 2 Fabric Executive Chair Royal Blue KF79890
  • Trexus Intro Manager Chair Charcoal 520x470x440-540mm Ref SF-405-01 - Charcoal
  • Jemini Hudson Leather Look Chair CH0768

Medium Back - view all

  • Trexus Hampshire Plus Leather Manager Chair Head Rest 520x510x500-600mm Ref 10472-01
  • Trexus Rutland Leather Manager Chair 480x460x440-560mm Ref 10312-02F
  • Trexus Hampshire Leather Manager Chair 520x510x500-600mm Ref 10472-02
  • Trexus Sussex Leather Manager Chair 530x520x500-600mm Ref QL817

Low Back - view all

  • Trexus Boss2 Leather Look Manager Chair No Tilt 470x480x430-550mm Ref 10312-02

Unspecified - view all

  • Trexus Nola Medium Executive Chair Bonded Leather Black Ref OP000225
  • Adroit Zure Executive Chair With Arms Elastomer Gel Grey Ref EX000112
  • Adroit Xenon Executive With Arms Medium Back Black Shell Leather Black Ref EX000084
  • Trexus Heiro Designer Chair Medium BackFaux Leather With Arms Black Ref EX000154
  • Trexus Moore Executive Chair With Arms Fabric Black Ref EX000043
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